Lessons to help youth thrive through informal learning with technology

Digital culture and technology are changing the world, and community-based, youth-serving organizations can play a critical role in preparing them for it. This toolkit, and an associated report, shares effective practices for equitable, youth-centered digital learning.


Developed through a collaborative process between researchers and practitioners, this toolkit is a curated cross-section of resources that relay knowledge and best practices in achieving real success in youth-centered digital learning.


Research Approach

The project drew on Research-Practice Partnership methods, where researchers and practitioners work together to identify problems of practice and advance knowledge about how to tackle them.

​Formed a learning community of exemplary youth-serving organizations that incorporate digital learning practices into their programs.

​Gathered data on how these organizations approach digital learning, with a focus on questions of pedagogy, skills, technology, community and capacity.

​Collaboratively synthesized and documented best practices in digital learning in forms accessible to practitioners for adoption and adaptation.