The Knowledge House

The Knowledge House (TKH) is a tech startup, nonprofit hybrid whose goal is to empower and sustain a talent pipeline of technologists, entrepreneurs & digital leaders, who will uplift their communities out of poverty.

The brainchild of two native New Yorkers, Jerelyn Rodriguez (CEO & Co-Founder) and Joe Carrano (CTO & Co-Founder), TKH is a movement born in 2014 of the need to bring economic growth to the South Bronx in the form of technology education and workforce development. The Bronx has the opportunity to serve as a grassroots model for tech-powered economic and business development in communities left out of the traditional economy. TKH is unique as a workforce provider because we offer tech programs across the learning pathway – our students range from high school early learners to young adult job seekers. We offer the following courses: Exploring Technology program for high school students, a flagship Intro to Tech program for novice tech learners, and Advanced Software Development courses for students seeking entry-level employment in the tech ecosystem. Through our programs, we provide underserved youth and young adults with the technical and professional development training necessary to start their careers in the tech sector, which is currently the fastest growing sector, expected to grow 15% over the next 5 years.