How To

Distributing Youth Driven Media Projects via Social Media

Michael Falevits, Tracee Brock, Patricia Joyner, and Jeff McCarter - Free Spirit Media

This tool highlights approaches to supporting youth distribution of media projects via social media from Free Spirit Media. Included below are a step-by-step guide and a resource on how to choose different social platforms for sharing youth media.


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Who is this Tool for?

Youth and educators in media programs interested in using social media to engage a broader audience for projects they’ve produced.

When can this Tool be used?

Whenever you would like to share youth-produced media projects beyond your local networks.

What are the Ideal Conditions for Use?

Youth are provided opportunities to lead every step of the distribution process. Adults establish a creative environment that facilitates access and provides direct support and guidance from development to implementation.

Why is this Tool Relevant and Important?

Effectively sharing your media can significantly increase audience engagement, expand reach, and potentially have a much greater impact.